What Are Some Of The Causes Of Windows Update Problems

Windows 10 is by far the largest operating system used by millions of people. They have loved using it but the Windows update failing is not liked by people. Microsoft is trying hard to give free upgrades to Windows. There are many causes for these Update Problems and improvements are also provided. You can always uninstall the faulty updates.

If the problem is marked as FIXED on Microsoft website, it means that they have fixed the problem. You can follow the step by step methods mentioned by them to resolve the update issue. You might also get newer updates and patches to fix the issue. If the windows update fails repeatedly, you will need to contact computer repairing service. Their experts deal with all kinds of software and hardware issues.

Possible problems and causes of Windows Update Problems

  • The desktop icons not working

Malfunctioning of the desktop items is one of the frustrating things with the Windows Update. Further, the system tray and taskbar keeps on disappearing at times making it impossible to work. The patch sometimes causes printer issues. Likewise, the printer spooler needs to be adjusted.

It’s best to keep the text To Recommended. Right-click on the desktop and click on the Display settings. Do the Scale and Layout Box and put scaling to Recommended.

  • Problems with the printers

Windows Updates come for the printers as well. Automatic update security has been causing problems recently. When you try to use the printer, you can experience the BSOD crash. It comes with the error code as well. Microsoft has been trying to work on fixing the problem.

If you get the problem in the meantime, it’s best to uninstall the app.

  • Getting error messages

Another problem with Windows 10 is that people keep on getting error messages. Besides, the issues come with dark mode. But many users have faced so many problems in this case. The most common relevant error codes are:

  1. 0x800719e4
  2. 0x8007000d
  3. 0x800f081f
  • Boot issues

Sometimes there is a graphics problem with Windows 10. Likewise, BDOS crash errors can lead to the failure of the boot. The problem occurs mostly with x750 motherboards. The solution is to roll back to update.

You can download AMD updates from the official AMD site. You can download the drivers for chipsets, graphic cards, etc.

Windows 10 has been released about six years with regular updates provided by Microsoft. They have been trying to give quality updates since then. Further, the major update, called feature update is released every six months. The new version is released twice yearly providing new features.

The updates are not available automatically so, you must update them. When a feature needs to be updated manually, it’s called in place grade of Windows 10.


The computer is part of the domain and if not removed properly, it will be out of service. These are some of the causes of Windows update failure. Secondly, it causes Access Denied while trying to do errors. Windows 10 tries to solve all the problems at the earliest.


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