Important Tips to Consider Before Buying Domain Names

The domain name selection process is exciting, especially for startups. First, you will need to think about whether you are purchasing only a domain name or want an established website. Investing in a website with a consistent track record is a shortcut to make money straight away instead of commencing from scratch. However, it comes with a hefty price tag. Buying a domain name is less costly but there will be legal liabilities and risks to consider.

All companies selling domain names differ, so you will need to look out for reliable companies like MonoVM. To buy domains visit their website and use the check tool for the availability of the name. Domain names taken will be highlighted but if you find a preferable one in the list available then add it to the cart and move to the payment page.

Basic tips to consider before buying a domain name

Hidden fees

Pricing is a huge factor in making a purchase decision. Low price is attractive but there is a need to progress with caution because it is a strategy some domain registrars use to lure customers and lock them in a contract. Many fees are hidden, so read the terms and look for words like fees or obligations, transfer-out charges, and even check renewal rates.

Some registrars even charge administration fees to edit the RDAP or WHOIS record because it is allowed for free. Registrars may even try to cross-sell or up-sell unnecessary things like extra domain endings. Even check their transfer policy because some registrars are adamant and make the process hard to navigate.

Privacy protection

Domain details are published on RDAP and WHOIS directories. These are public records and several businesses choose to keep their sensitive details confidential for protection against scammers and spammers. There are registrars offering privacy protection, but ensure they don’t charge a premium.

Data protection

If you fail personal data protection then there are a few unethical domain registrars that sell your information to marketers. A few even mine the WHOIS database and email fake renewal invoices or transfer people’s domain without their knowledge. Find an established and trustworthy registrar!


Transparency in pricing and practices is crucial. For example, find renewal process and transfer or cancellation policy with ease during the domain registration process. It is because some registrars offer low prices when you buy the domain but significantly increase the rates on renewal. You don’t desire any horrible surprises later on, so look for providers offering upfront pricing details.

Sales support

Read reviews about the support team of the domain registrar and you can call them before buying. The staff has to be professional and committed. Avoid the pushy ones!

Pro tips to buy already taken domain names

Already taken domain names will be highlighted as for sale but carry a high price. Buying a domain name is a challenging process and can take as minimal as a few days to as long as a few months. If the owner is not prepared to sell buying it can take years of convincing.

  • Avoid using a different extension like .org or .net for a taken domain name with .com because people can forget the extension change. You can even experience legal problems from the .com owner trying to infringe their brand name.
  • Keep your options open and never feel emotionally attached to a particular name. It can help in negotiations and attain a good deal without overpaying.


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