How Important Is Data Management In Data-Driven Decision Making

In the present age digital economy, companies have greater access to data than earlier. This data is important as it creates a base for making vital decisions in the business. For companies to provide the right data to employees for making decisions, companies need to invest in efficient data management solutions that help enhance security, reliability, visibility, and scalability in the business.

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About Data Management

Data management is a practice that helps to collect, organize, protect, as well as store the data of the organization so that it can be effectively analyzed to form business decisions.

These days, organizations are creating as well as using data at unprecedented rates. This is where data management solutions prove to be important as they help make sense of the broad quantities of data easily.

Different Techniques of Data Management

Data management techniques comprise of the following:

  • Data preparation: To transform raw data into the right format and shape for analysis.
  • Data pipelines: To enable the automated data transfer between different systems.
  • Extract, Transform, and Load: To acquire data from a system, transform, and move it into the data warehouse of the organization.
  • Data catalogs: Help manage metadata for the creation of a complete picture of the data. It offers a summary of locations, quality, and changes, to make data identification simpler.
  • Data warehouses: To consolidate data from various data sources for data analysis.
  • Data governance: A set of processes, policies, and standards to maintain data integrity and security.
  • Data architecture: Offer a formal approach to create and manage data flow.
  • Data security: It protects data from any form of illegal access and corruption.
  • Data modelling: It documents the information flow via an organization or application.

Importance of data management

Data management is important to employ effective analysis of data at scale. This results in key insights that provide valuable experience to the customers. It also increases revenue generation in the business. Effective data management helps people throughout the organization to find as well as access credible data for queries.

Benefits of data management solution

  • Data management helps increase the visibility of the data assets of an organization. This, in turn, makes it more productive as well as organized.
  • Data management also assists in reducing potential errors by building policies and processes for usage as well as developing trust in the data. With credible and updated data, firms respond efficiently to changes in market conditions and customer requirements.
  • Data management safeguards your organization as well as its employees from any form of data losses, security breaches, and thefts with a variety of encryption and authentication tools.


Data management plays an important role in the data environment of the organization. It also helps make important functions that are convenient and less time-intensive. Proper implementation of data management provides employees with the right data that helps in driving decisions.


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