Know the Right Method of Vaping with Appropriate Device and Ingredients

CBD is legalized in most states in the US. It is now used in various forms. Apart from capsules and oil, it is famously used for vape pens. Smoking weed or CBD dry herb is one of the safest ways to enjoy without getting high. Oh! So you don’t know that vaping can be done without getting high?

CBD is one of the 100 compounds available in the cannabis Sativa plant. Another compound similar to CBD is THC. THC can provide the same medical benefit as that of CBD, but it also leaves a psychoactive effect which means it keeps the person high. Therefore, FDA doesn’t approve THC contained CBD products legally because of its marijuana property.

However, a pure form of CBD containing 0.3% of THC or lesser than that, is considered legal in some states. This is because the specified quantity of THC mentioned above cannot make a person high. Moreover, CBD is a natural substance, and therefore vapear CBD is safe and better than a dry weed.

JustCBD is an online store that provides authentic CBD products. These products are lab-tested and third-party certified. JustCBD is the future of CBD that has found the secret miracle in cannabidiol. They provide a wide range of products like CBD oil vape pen, sugar-free and vegan Gummies, capsules, oil, tincture, Isolate, Pain Cream, pet treats, cartridges, bath bombs, and soap, full-spectrum, etc.

Vaping Products

Cannabis dried flowers and concentrate can be used as vape, but they have their style of vape pens or vaporizers. Not all vape pens can be used to smoke CBD dried herbs. CBD herbs and concentrated form are the safest forms to vape because they’re non-nicotine. Otherwise, any kind of vaping juice that has water-soluble as a base ingredient is safe for vaping. Vaping can be done only with vape juice and not with cooking oil or syrups.

How to vape?

  • Either buys Pod Vapes, AIOs, E-cigarettes, or Disposable e-cigarettes, because no matter what vape pen you buy, they all create smoke. Personally, I go with the easiest device.
  • Once you’ve bought a vape kit, read the instructions in the manual provided and understand the drawing for better clarifications.
  • Choose your favorite flavor and the tolerable nicotine level. You can determine the nicotine level by understanding which bracket will keep you light or heavy.

Inhaling process

  • In mouth to ling process, you can slowly draw vapor into the mouth for few seconds and hold it inside the mouth for 2-3 seconds. Open your mouth and instead of swallowing, breathe in the vapor to your lungs and then exhale once it’s in the lungs.
  • Direct lung process is like a bong hit but it is smoother and easier than a bong. You quickly draw the vapor to the lungs and exhale it immediately.
  • Cigar Puff method is used when people don’t want to inhale to lungs. Cigar puffs are available in high and low power and it gets absorbed in the mucus membranes which avoids lungs.

It should be your personal choice if you want to vape or not. Using CBD is better instead of any other dry weed or marijuana. Vaping too has its pros and cons. However, if it is done with the correct product and ingredient and in the right method then it can be harmless.


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