How to Put Your Own Music on Apple Music, Spotify, and Everywhere Else

Promoting your new music before it arrives in the market is one of the ways that can help increase the sales of your music. The buzz you create by in advance publicity of your music album will help you make more and more fans discover your music quickly.

The below information will guide and equip you with all the necessary information on how you can promote your music before it gets released to the public.

Steps to promote your music early

Set a date of release of music. Follow the release calendar to find the most appropriate time to release your album so that it is heard by not just your target audience but also your new listeners. Try these five steps to get noticed.

Write A Press Release

Press releases that are given to the local newspaper, radio and other forms of media outlets serve as a great method to promote your music. In the press release, include a link to where the music gets streamed, date of release, and contact information. Digital music distribution service offers a simplified platform for music artists to put music on Apple Music.

Promote it on the Social Media

Social media should be a key part of a successful pre-release campaign of your music. Share your new music album via blogging, music publications, or through paid promotions on social media channels, etc. MusicDigi is one of the best places to get music on Spotify.

Produce a music video

Producing your video is also one of the ways to promote your music. Release a short clip of the video through your social media and encourage your music fans to spread the word about it in their groups. By uploading my music on a trusted and effective platform like MusicDigi, I can easily sell my music on iTunes.

Take Photos

To make your video creation more influential, you can release photos alongside your music video. Release photos in the form of any promotional material.

From photos of your recording studio to photos of the lyrics, add related different photos to your video as a visual aid. By using MusicDigi services, you can get your tracks on Spotify and various other streaming services.

Organize A Music Tour

You can also plan for a small music tour to make more and more people aware of your upcoming releases. It is also an effective way to self-promote your new music.

Prepare a list of contact for music promotion

Make a list of all your connections in the field of radio, press, and blog and share your music album with them. Get them to promote and share your new music on their channels.


Effective promotion of music begins a few weeks early than the date of its release. It helps to build eagerness and get more fans. You would require finding out digital distribution methods that help you accomplish your objectives. All the above music promotion techniques will make your talent more and more visible to the public.


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