Teach Your Child Waste Management to Save The Environment

Most of the people are throwing away pounds of trash in garbage cans every day. We usually throw leftover food, food packages, wrappings, old clothes and the like. These trashes end up in landfills and if this continues, soon our earth will be covered in trash. It is everyone’s responsibility to save the environment.

When you become environment conscious person, it becomes necessary that you teach your children about where do garbage end up and steps to be taken to reduce waste so that they can help save the planet. Here are some tips to teach your kid about Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rebuy that are very much important in waste management.


The easiest thing we can do is reducing the amount of wastage we throw every time that doesn’t get used. When you go for shopping, take your child along with you and teach them the easiest way to reduce the amount of trash we create.

Use reusable bags instead of disposable bags. You can get your own reusable bag from Custom Grocery Bags, which is a green company that produces a variety of reusable bags of high-quality. You can buy direct from the company to avoid unnecessary extra cost.

Choose products to reduce the amount of packaging wraps that we throw in garbage. For example, if you are buying few packets of single-serving packages, you can buy in bulk and divide them up in reusable containers. Choose plain packaging instead of fun packages that may be more harmful to the environment.

Teach your child to buy only things that they need and use them to the fullest or if they don’t need it anymore, they can give to someone who will make use of it.

If you have garden, you can teach your child to transform your household wastage like food waste and paper waste into compost that can be used again for the good purpose in your garden.


Reusing means using the same product as much as possible instead of throwing it away and buying a new one. Choose metal dishes and utensils instead of plastic. Buy reusable cups instead of paper cups.

Buy refillable containers like water bottles, other containers. Choose cloth napkins instead of paper napkins.

Fix your clothes and use them as much as possible and instead of throwing them in garbage you can teach your child to donate the used clothes and toys.

Repair your appliances and make the most of them instead of buying a new one.


Many products are recyclable instead of ending up in landfill. Let your child practice to keep the recyclable trash in appropriate garbage cans around your home. Take your child along with you to drop these trashes in recycling centers.

Rebuying is also an important step for every environment-conscious person. Rebuying means buying anything that is made from recycled materials. You can teach your child about rebuying, when you purchase clothes or other products from thrift store and buying water bottles, bags, pens etc., that are made from recycled products.

When you teach these things to your child, you can make them an environmentally responsible person.


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