Can Vitamin D Capsules Reduce the Risk Of COVID-19?

Coronavirus disease or COVID-19 is an infectious disease that targets the respiratory system of the body. It is caused by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The disease as of now has no cure and no other preventive measures except for social distancing can prevent you from being infected.

However, if you have to visit the grocery store or go to the hospital, then you can use personal protective equipment such as respiratory masks to protect yourself from the virus. Custom Earth Promos sells COVID19 Supplies on their website such as N95 respirators etc. They are an eco-friendly company that makes reusable and customizable shopping bags. However, in this time of need, it provides supplies to protect you against the virus.

Supplies to have in stock

Other than Personal protective equipment (PPE) such as respirators, masks, and gloves, there are other supplies that you must keep in stock.

  • A 30-day supply of prescription meds: You could be having underlying medical conditions and be taking regular prescriptions for it. In this time of crisis and lockdowns, make sure you have enough stock of medication so that you don’t run out and risk your health.
  • Keep over-the-counter drugs: You can keep some normal pain medications for any case of fever or body ache. You may catch a cold or flu so keep some medicines in hand.
  • Essential supplies: You may not be able to get out of your house so stock up on essential goods like packaged foods, frozen meals, fruit, water, etc.
  • Stay informed and practice good hygiene: Make sure you are well informed about this pandemic and ensure that you are taking all the necessary precautions.

Even though there is no cure yet, there are talks that Vitamin D can lower your risk of being infected by the coronavirus. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin in our body which is important for your immune system’s health.

Some research shows that taking vitamin d tablets and maintaining a healthy level of vitamin D in your body may protect you from respiratory conditions in general.

How does Vitamin D affect your immune system?

Vitamin D helps in building up the immune system of your body which is the first line of defense against any foreign particles. The vitamin helps to promote immune response and its anti-inflammatory and immunoregulatory properties help keep the immune system defenses active.

The immune cells in the body such as the T-cells and the macrophages can enhance their functions with the help of vitamin D. Low levels of vitamin D can increase your body’s risk towards infections, immune-related disorders, and diseases.

Some respiratory diseases that you could be more susceptible to due to low vitamin D levels are chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPS), tuberculosis, and asthma. This is because Vitamin D deficiency is connected to a decrease in lung function.


The above-mentioned information highlights that there is no cure for COVID-19 but having a healthy diet and hygiene with the right nutrients can boost your immune system to fight against it.


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