There’s no need to say that bad content sells nothing, just online waste – not even on a good day. Worst, you’ll get irritated and frustrated and will run away from the website having it. What’s most important is a set of these things that make your blogposts exceptional:

  • Quality
  • Knowledge
  • Upselling
  • Alternate selling

This post is all about making your blogpost so exceptional that they can convert your readers into customers. Or if, you’re the one looking for exceptional content creators, there are professional search engine optimization companies in Canada, such as Webryze, offering high quality content writers and marketers.

So, let’s get started!

Have a Catchy Headline

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Do you know, more than 2.73 million blogposts are published every single day? It indicates that you’re in with a stiff competition and you need to go out of your skin to attract your potential customers out there.

Most important aspect of engagement has been the catchy blogpost headlines. Sometimes, they’re the only thing grabbing users’ attention out of all the aspects. So, how should you make your blogpost’s headline attention grabbing?

Here are few characteristics:

  • The first and last words count. Keep the action (verbs) at the start and end, with less important words in the middle.
  • Clearly tell the reader what to expect from the blog post.
  • Have a useful but urgent message.
  • Be believable, yet intriguing, by using a purposeful psychological approach.

You can either apply 50/50 rule while creating a heading. That means half of the time of writing a blogpost should be consumed on creating a catchy headline. There’s also 80/20 rule, which says 80% readers read headlines and only 20% go all the way down to the conclusion.

Hook the Reader

Only 18% readers will actually scroll down to the article and read it. Then, the percentage will go down when we talk about those converted into your customers. That’s because, customers don’t trust you and some of them might not be convinced with what you present. These are the readers that would not go past first 2 to 3 sentences.

So, you have to make the beginning of the post as captivating as you possibly can, to make readers go down and look for more valuable information, even if they didn’t have any intention to do so, but they had to.

How can you do that?

  • Add interesting facts that they have not heard before
  • Add a great anecdote, a cliffhanger situation or the end of the story.
  • Include a direct question that the reader resonates with.
  • Give references to current event.

Introduction should be written first, and duly revised after completing the article. Same goes for the conclusion part.

Tell a Compelling Story

The real fact is, people don’t really care about facts. All they really look forward to, is an impressive story that they can share with others. Buffer conducted a survey on a blogpost with two versions; one with a compelling story to start with, second without any story.

And they found out that 29% more people had engaged with the first idea of content. Most of them went on right down to the end of the post. Story telling has been a natural attention-grabbing element. People want to learn and they are inquisitive about things they haven’t heard before.

So, if you are creative enough, and have the art of storytelling, you should try it.


There are three basics to capture reader’s attention

  • Attention-grabbing headlines
  • Captivating introduction and conclusion
  • Ability to reveal the details by elevating user’s interest

If you do all these things right, you can easily use your blogposts to convert your readers into customers.


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