How to host your own website?

Hosting a website is nothing but making your site to visible for general public who are using the internet. Having a fully developed website cannot be shown to the people when they search for your service and this can be done by using a web hosting service to host your site. With this type of service you can have a space for your website in the server and thus it will be shown to web users.

You will be able to host your site to the server by two ways and one is by using a web hosting service and another method is you can host it all by yourself. But getting assistance from a web hosting service is the best option, as they are professionals who are fully trained in this field. This link can help you in picking the right and reliable service for hosting your site in the internet.

Following are the steps that are performed to host a website with a hosting service provider.

  1. Type of website – The first step in this process is you have to know which type of website is yours. As there are various types of websites like e-commerce websites, blogs, social media websites and more. These are categorized into static and dynamic sites, so you have to decide the type of site that you are building.
  2. Type of web hosting – Next step is choosing the type of web hosts and there are three types of services namely shared hosting, dedicated hosting and VPS hosting. You can compare and contrast all the features of each type hosting and rely on one thing.
  3. Pick hosting provider – After that it is time for selecting a hosting provider and here you can find out that each provider offers various plans. So, you have to pick one who is providing a good plan and whose performance is great.
  4. Buy a Domain – Once you have landed on one, you need to purchase a domain, so that your users can access the website that you own. Make sure that your domain name is unique and attractive such that people can get attracted towards it.
  5. Move your site to server – This is the final step in this process and in this level, you can create your site to have a place in the server. Once your website occupies a space, it will be visible to the people.


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