How much do you know about PCB or Printed Circuit Board?

Have you ever heard the term PCB, or integrated circuit board? If you do not know what it is, we will explain it to you in this article. While reading this article, you are surrounded by PCBs; You have several on your PC, monitor, mouse and also on your mobile. Every electronic element is built using a PCB. Click here for high density interconnect pcb.

The use of PCBs was a giant step in the evolution of electronic devices, as it provided an innovative method for connecting elements without using electrical cables. The current world would not be the same without the invention of PCBs. Visit this site for flex pcb manufacturing.

What is a PCB?

How To Make Your Own Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) - YouTube

PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board, not to confuse it for example with the PCI slots of our PC.

Well, a PCB is basically a physical medium where electronic and electrical components are installed and interconnected between them. These components can be chips, capacitors, diodes, resistors, connectors, etc. If you take a look at a computer inside, you will see that there are multiple flat plates with a lot of components attached to it, it is a motherboard and it is composed of a PCB and the components we have cited.

To connect each element to a PCB, we use a series of extremely thin copper conductive tracks that generate a rail, conductor, as if it were a cable. In the simplest circuits, we only have conductive tracks on one side or both visible on the PCB, but in more complete ones we have electric tracks and even components stacked in multiple layers of them.

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What is inside a PCB?

Printed circuits are composed of a series of conductive layers, at least the most complex. Each of these conductive layers is separated by an insulating material called a substrate. Holes of different layers are used to connect holes called tracks that can completely cross the PCB or only reach a certain depth.

The substrate can be of different compositions, but always of non-conductive materials so that each of the electric tracks carry their own signal and voltage.

The electronic components on the other hand, will almost always go in the external zone of the PCBs, and installed on both sides, to take full advantage of their extension. Before creating the electric tracks, the different layers of the PCB are only formed by the substrate and some very thin sheets of copper or other conductive material, and it will be through a machine similar to a printer as they will be created and through a quite a process Long and complex.

PCB design using software

It all starts with the design of the PCB, tracing the electrical tracks necessary to connect the components, as well as listing how many layers are going to be necessary to be able to generate all the connections that are going to be necessary for the components.This process is performed using CAM computer software such as TinyCAD or DesignSpark.



Once you’ve decided that your business needs custom-built software, the most crucial decision to consider is of choosing the company for custom software development, that may determine whether your project succeeds or comes with an expensive dead end!

There are a large number of custom software development companies in existence. When you fail to choose the best company, it’ll turn into a roadblock in the success of assembling your project. To assist you take the right decision, we’ve talked about the ten key aspects to be studied under consideration for choosing a well-suited spouse.

Understanding Your Needs

Before you select the business, identify your business needs, the issues you are facing and trying to resolve and the sort of software that may help you to meet your objectives. You could opt for an just offshore or an onshore company depending on the needs you have and the nature of assembling your project.

Cost Factor

Cost is always the main deciding factor. Analyze the price that will be mixed up in task and whether it matches your finances or not.

But be mindful that you don’t have to bargain with the grade of the software due to low cost. The company may have inexperienced team of programmers who may not be useful to overcome real world challenges.

Getting Referrals

23 Things to Consider When Hiring a Web Design Company | Blog ...

You may easily get a set of custom software development companies through se’s. Nonetheless it is essential that you become familiar with about the business properly through inquiries.

Consult with your colleagues yet others in your network to know about the many software development companies. This is actually the easiest way to get a genuine feedback about the firms. You can also ask questions in a variety of online message boards and social media sites.

Collection & Experience
Profile & Experience

It is very important to consider days gone by tasks undertaken by the business to learn its efficiency and get a concept about different kind of custom software developed by them. A corporation that has recently done various custom tasks have proven methodologies to effectively complete the job.

A corporation that is new or has less experience might not exactly be capable of overcome difficult challenges that come through the development process.

Client References

One of the best ways to learn about the business is to get in touch with its clients. Find the clients’ references from the company and get the feedback. You could know about the type of projects the business has treated, its potential to meet up with the deadlines and the grade of the applications it has delivered.

Size of the Project

Not all software development companies take all the sizes of tasks. Some companies are small and have the capability to take up only small and medium assignments. Some companies aim for large and multi-enterprise jobs. Whereas some companies take multi-year projects.

You need to determine recognise the business will rightly fit assembling your project.

A company should have professional and motivated clubs to focus on the development assignments. The developers should show the readiness to focus on your project and be prepared to take ideas and inputs for improvements. They must be in ongoing touch with you and there must be a regular movement of communication between you and the developers.

An unfriendly and unsupportive team will lead assembling your project to failure.

Technology Expertise

You should know if the company comes with an skills in the technology, which is likely to be found in building your software. Different companies have effectiveness in different technology. Some companies have a knack for building .NET applications although some have expertise in Java technology.

So consider the technology experience of the company before finalizing the project.


A very important thought is the timeline of your project. A software job may take calendar months or years to get completed.

It’s likely you have a deadline or would want the software, for quickly launching your product in the market. Nevertheless, you just can’t expect the program to be commonly developed; it is always smart to trade features for time. An excellent custom software development company will continue to work with you the way you want, make sure you on-time delivery and even help you create a sensible trade-off between the features and timeframe of the job, in case there is tight deadlines.

Technical Support

Be sure you have the info about the tech support team services of the company. Your software might face issues after the delivery, providing your projects to standstill. So discuss about the after-development support services provided by the company.

Choosing the right custom software development company is the first stage of your development process. And if you fail here, you have to face devastating results, resulting in the inability of your project. So doing proper research and review, and capturing complete information about the business is very important. The very best company would be the one that delivers you custom software corresponding your business needs within the stipulated time and cost, without diminishing with the quality!

Anuitex is a respected custom software development company, delivering high-quality custom software to streamline, grow and transform your business!!


What are the benefits Of Windows VPS?

You will get different benefits of this VPS hosting because though it is a shared hosting, it can act as dedicated hosting and for this windows vps, you have to pay a very reasonable charge.

  • Firstly, it will give you a great level of privacy and no other websites on the server will be able to access the files on your websites.
  • Again, when you choose a VPS server for hosting your website, then you will get your own OS. So here you will get your instances for different server applications like MySQL, PHP, Apache, etc. So you can do your own customization according to the requirement of your website.
  • Sometimes during the installation of a server application, you may have to restart your system. If you are using shared hosting then that can be a great problem for you as due to the restart the other websites will be affected but here you can do this without any problem.
  • Again in shared hosting, the RAM of a system is also shared. But in a VPS server, you will get a dedicated ram of the system, and that part of the ram cannot be used by any other websites of that VPS server.

The full form of VPS is the virtual private server. Today Windows VPS is a common term for those who is related to the hosting service. VPS hosting is an ideal platform for those who want to avail the best flexible and dedicated server. Now it is right that if you want the best, dedicated server, then you have to pay a good amount of money. According to some experts, VPS is made by software which divides a single server into a number of separate portions, and each portion is run by a separate operating system. This process provides a stable condition which ultimately creates a good performance for the website owners. The key feature of the best VPs hosting is the reliability. When you want to handle heavy internet traffic and applications, then VPS is the best. With the reliability, it is a common choice for the businessmen and others who want to perform some extra tasks.

Proper control with flexibility is another feature which helps to earn more popularity. When you are using VPS, then it seems that you are using your own VPS. That means you are the owner of a server. Through this system, you have access to the main server, which ultimately explores the opportunity to install software, and perform so many tasks. This explores the opportunity of security mechanisms so that your virtual private server can have the best protection. If you try you can discover a good number of advantages of the VPS hosting service provider, but the question is how you can choose the best service provider, like the VPS Windows to enjoy a good number of benefits.



There’s no need to say that bad content sells nothing, just online waste – not even on a good day. Worst, you’ll get irritated and frustrated and will run away from the website having it. What’s most important is a set of these things that make your blogposts exceptional:

  • Quality
  • Knowledge
  • Upselling
  • Alternate selling

This post is all about making your blogpost so exceptional that they can convert your readers into customers. Or if, you’re the one looking for exceptional content creators, there are professional search engine optimization companies in Canada, such as Webryze, offering high quality content writers and marketers.

So, let’s get started!

Have a Catchy Headline

The 5 Tactics of Teamwork: A Blueprint for Team Management

Do you know, more than 2.73 million blogposts are published every single day? It indicates that you’re in with a stiff competition and you need to go out of your skin to attract your potential customers out there.

Most important aspect of engagement has been the catchy blogpost headlines. Sometimes, they’re the only thing grabbing users’ attention out of all the aspects. So, how should you make your blogpost’s headline attention grabbing?

Here are few characteristics:

  • The first and last words count. Keep the action (verbs) at the start and end, with less important words in the middle.
  • Clearly tell the reader what to expect from the blog post.
  • Have a useful but urgent message.
  • Be believable, yet intriguing, by using a purposeful psychological approach.

You can either apply 50/50 rule while creating a heading. That means half of the time of writing a blogpost should be consumed on creating a catchy headline. There’s also 80/20 rule, which says 80% readers read headlines and only 20% go all the way down to the conclusion.

Hook the Reader

Only 18% readers will actually scroll down to the article and read it. Then, the percentage will go down when we talk about those converted into your customers. That’s because, customers don’t trust you and some of them might not be convinced with what you present. These are the readers that would not go past first 2 to 3 sentences.

So, you have to make the beginning of the post as captivating as you possibly can, to make readers go down and look for more valuable information, even if they didn’t have any intention to do so, but they had to.

How can you do that?

  • Add interesting facts that they have not heard before
  • Add a great anecdote, a cliffhanger situation or the end of the story.
  • Include a direct question that the reader resonates with.
  • Give references to current event.

Introduction should be written first, and duly revised after completing the article. Same goes for the conclusion part.

Tell a Compelling Story

The real fact is, people don’t really care about facts. All they really look forward to, is an impressive story that they can share with others. Buffer conducted a survey on a blogpost with two versions; one with a compelling story to start with, second without any story.

And they found out that 29% more people had engaged with the first idea of content. Most of them went on right down to the end of the post. Story telling has been a natural attention-grabbing element. People want to learn and they are inquisitive about things they haven’t heard before.

So, if you are creative enough, and have the art of storytelling, you should try it.


There are three basics to capture reader’s attention

  • Attention-grabbing headlines
  • Captivating introduction and conclusion
  • Ability to reveal the details by elevating user’s interest

If you do all these things right, you can easily use your blogposts to convert your readers into customers.



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Instructor LED Online Technical Training

It could be that the entrepreneur is eager to enhance the current knowledge and skills of his employers in the technical department. It is very much important to enhance the technical expertise, skills and knowledge of every employee, so that the organization benefits with their services as a whole. As a matter of fact, the employees having undergone technical training, not only are able to upgrade their existing skills and knowledge, but also implement it effectively at the workplace.

Meeting the needs of the business

Fully Funded Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships

The professionals assure their corporate clients by offering top rated online instructor led training materials. The training course is to meet the specific needs of the business as well as the staff’s technical objectives. Some training may involve the candidates to appear for tests to find out the amount of knowledge that they have gained through the online training program. The exam also comes with certification offered to the learner. This certification along with future ones and improvement at work and overall affiance does help the employee to stand a better chance to move up the corporate ladder and enjoy perks, benefits and other incentives.

The course procedure

Generally, online training courses expect delegates to have access to high speed net and computer and log into the program offered to them right at their workstations. The elearning course quality does vary immensely similar to that of the training material itself. Few elearning vendors are known to offer their clients with comprehensive range of well developed and informative training materials. It also includes excellent visual aids along with access to live tutor for asking questions and to get prompt and appropriate explanations and solutions.

Prior embarking on such learning experience, it will be essential to have full confidence in course material quality as well as availability and experienced or quality of the tutor. Moreover, after the training course is completed, the employees should have easy access to the tutor or training resources. It can prove to be critical while planning to continue with the progress in the selected discipline.

Other aspects to consider

Elearning courses are favored by both employees and their employers alike. This is because, they are able to get access to the necessary technical devices and equipments. It is found to be crucial for those undergoing Network Training Courses. In case, the chosen subject is telecommunications or data networking, then the question is how to access appropriate equipment to put it into practice what has been learned.

During the development of the elearning course for the employees, the entrepreneur needs to make sure that practical aspects related to the course are appropriate to meet the learning objectives. Few professionals also may offer their clients with remote lab access, where the person can log onto the latest practical simulators. Others may provide remote access to live hardware.

In short, elearning that is instructor based is much favored upon traditional classroom training as the former is found to be easy, quick, and cost effective. It also does not require the employees to go out anywhere to get the training.


What can your business achieve from the right payslip software?

Like so many other aspects of business, there are unique payment structures that distinguish companies. Your company too has a payslip format that defines what your employees derive out of working for you at the financial front. However, it becomes very tedious to manually generate every employee’s payslip and mail it to the corresponding employee. If you are looking for a payslip software that can reduce your burden and simplify the task, this is the place for you!

An innovative solution for payroll management

Mint Expands Payroll Card Footprint Into Africa |

Our software is solution-oriented. It solves your payroll problems effectively and enables you to perform tasks related to payroll management in a matter of a few clicks. You can access our software from your desktops, tablets and smartphones alike, thereby making payroll management easily accessible and efficient. Since it is fully digital, all documents, reports and employee-sensitive data are preserved at a safe house.

Boost the efficiency of your business

If you choose to use our software, you shall make the right decision for your business as a whole. Companies might require to scale up or down depending on the supply and demand. Our software can be scaled accordingly with minimal lags. You can maintain all the required standards in your payroll process using our payslip software. The reporting complies with the standards and improves the efficiency of the system. The automated digital workflow of the system makes it seamless to integrate different departments of your organization and to perform tasks such as triggering payments and communicating within the team on topics related to payroll management.

The software you can trust at all times

Payroll: Preparation, Analysis and Management - Caroline University

Time is of the essence in business processes and we understand the value of it fully. Hence, our solution helps you in saving time and costs by making global payroll management more efficient. Data is kept fully protected by our system, making it a trusted tool for all our clients. You can create multiple reports using our software as per general and specific requirements and store them in digital archives. Moreover, this solution gives you centralized control over the payroll process by integrating different departments with the HR department and helps you meet deadlines better.

What else makes us the best choice for you?

There are several additional benefits of using our software for payslip management apart from the ones described above. Some of these are:

  • Trusted authorization – helps you define access rights and create visible audit trails, thereby reducing the risk of security breaches.
  • Saves on paper – eliminates the need for keeping hard copies of reports by making all relevant information accessible across several digital platforms.
  • Employee assistance – helps employees in multiple ways such as using the software to view historical and current payment information, update their individual information and manage expenses to name a few, thereby saving the time of HR managers.

Be a part of the revolution

Every organization needs to adapt to changing times and only the right technology solutions can help it in its digital transformation. Our intuitive software shall enable your company to achieve that, add more flexibility to your business and help you deliver the best results.

Social Media


Social media posts drive targeted prospects.
Whatever your industry, section and audience, a considerable portion of your visitors and leads are on cultural. A recently available Pew Research Centre study discovered that 68% of American men and women are Facebook users. Among 18 to 24-year-olds, 78% use Instagram and 45% are on Twitter. Even among Us citizens 65 and old, 37% are sociable media users.

Access all those customers can help you boost traffic, specifically for new websites content. If you post a fresh blog or revise your homepage, it can take some time to get traction with Google. That means hardly any customers will know the new content will there be until the the next time they’re looking for your product or service.

Social media content provide an chance for the public to find your brand-new content and click through to your website.

And because those articles will primarily arrive in the feeds of enthusiasts and people enthusiastic about your product, that traffic is typically very targeted. It won’t just increase your traffic volumes - it provides in the sort of tourists you want to get. The traffic advantages of social media can be dramatic.

2. Using social marketing for business increases your site’s SEO.
Search engine crawlers know which pages are regularly getting traffic and that are just floating out there, ignored and dismissed. Although your killer content strategy is the main factor in your search engine rankings, generating traffic to your optimized pages will cause them to climb considerably faster. A lot of times, this is as easy as re-sharing evergreen content (of course, in addition to writing your new content when it will go live). We recommend each post be re-shared once a month - a job that doesn’t need to be as time-intensive as it might seem. With Facebook’s buy followers scheduling tool or Hootsuite (for Twitter), you can placed the entire month all at one time and you’re done.

3. Social media can boost your reach via quoted experts.
That is one in our very favourite benefits associated with social media. Let’s say you quoted someone with a killer interpersonal media presence. Obviously, you’re heading to email them a web link to the post when it runs live and cause them to become promote it, but leveraging your own interpersonal media channels can help you go the excess mile here.

In the tweet and Facebook post sharing your brand-new content, make sure to tag the experts you quoted so they view it pop up in their notifications.

Doing so helps it be a lot more likely your source will share or retweet the hyperlink to their hundreds (or tens of thousands) of enthusiasts, which drives traffic back again to your website. It’s a win-win all around.

Doing this three things from now with your business should go quite a distance to increase your sales, reliability and overall increase to your business. There is no better time to get started on than now. In the event that you haven’t created your interpersonal media accounts, now could be the optimum time to do so. There exists some juice you are absent if you don’t have a interpersonal media page.


Importance Of Dedicated Server Web Hosting

If you are trying to build a website, it is advisable for you to make sure that you will settle with the best services. With the help of the website, you will expect it to be very functional towards the website visitors to make it sure that they will come back for more information. Keep in mind that the stability of a website relies on the effectiveness of the web hosting servers. The best type of web hosting is the dedicated server web hosting. With this, you will be rest assured that your website will be taken cared of by the provider since they will deploy special treatment on it. Actually, the dedicated web hosting is the type of web hosting which draws the most number of benefits in which, will translate into a very effective website. What are the types of website which usually go for the dedicated server web hosting services? The most popular is the e commerce websites. With e commerce websites, the website needed to undergo close monitoring to make sure that everything which involves money on it is organized and no hackers may infiltrate the system. E commerce website obviously caters selling products which involves automatic payment systems such as credit card payments and direct banking payments. With this, hackers usually focus on this as their main target and if the web hosting provider failed to monitor all the suspicious activities within it, the hacker may get all the financial details including the money earned and payment from the online sellers.

This type of premium web hosting is also used by websites which usually keeps identity profiles such as social networking sites. We all know that social networking sites may keep the most private information about a user and close monitoring is the only way to make sure that no hacker will infiltrate the system. A good example is Facebook. However, for the case of Facebook, they are now able to provide their on web hosting server making it easier for them to monitor all the activities of Facebook users and on accounts. Since you now know some of the websites which usually use the services of dedicated server web hosting, it is now important for you to make sure that you are going to hire a reliable company. Since this is a “dedicated web hosting” service, the company should be able to maintain the stability of their systems. Basically, they should have enough generators so that their servers will continue to be up and running even amidst of electric shortage. They should also have numerous data centers so that reaching out to them will be a lot easier. Professional technicians within their company is a must have, so that fixing or doing upgrades on their system will be fast as possible. Software updates and strong firewall on their computers is vital as this can improve the security of the servers. Regular back up of the websites’ data is crucial, as this can save the clients from complete loss of information if in case unlucky moments happen.



You could spend anything from around £15 to an astounding £1,000 on the smartphone.

If you need a prime top-of-the-range mobile from the likes of Apple or Samsung, expect a dent of at least £700 in your money. Models in this range typically feature a large, extremely complete and vibrant screen. Plus, they’ll have all the latest features – which range from anything from a fingerprint reader and heart-rate screen to fast charging and waterproofing.

For around £300 draw, you’ll find telephones with a good screen, long electric battery life and a reliable camera. That said, they might not exactly have all the bells and whistles – and they’re much more likely to have a plastic finish as opposed to the sleek metal casing found on pricier models.

Cell phone buying guide: Cell phone tech specs, decoded - Kijiji ...

iOS or Android: which Operating-system is best?
The operating system (OS) is the software that powers your phone. It forms what the telephone menu appears like and what applications it can run, and works a sizable part in how easy it is by using. You can find two main contenders to choose from: iOS (Apple iPhones) and Android.

Apple iOS

All iPhones use iOS and, unlike Android, the knowledge of using the operating-system is broadly similar whichever iPhone you buy. New posts to iOS are released each year, but some elderly iPhones might be able to run only more mature versions – for occasion, only iPhones from and like the iPhone 5s can run iOS 11.

In case your iPhone isn’t compatible, you’ll lose out on a few of the latest apps, features and security areas introduced by Apple.

Pros It’s easy to use and quick to learn, although you may haven’t used a smartphone before. It offers usage of the well-stocked Apple iphone app store – where software are vetted before released, and that means you can rest assured they’re safe to use.
Cons Apple iPhones are costly. If you are not obsessed with getting the latest technical, you will get cheaper deals on aged handsets, though. Apple iPhones also do not feature a micro-SD greeting card slot, so you’ll need to choose the storage area capacity carefully to avoid running out of space for your app, music and photography collection.

Direct Mobile Phones

Android was created by Yahoo and is employed by many manufacturers, from bigger brands such as Samsung, Huawei and Motorola to growing brands like OnePlus and Honor. Android appears and behaves slightly in different ways depending on who makes the smartphone handset, however the fundamentals are basically the same.

Direct Mobile Phones can provide you with the tools to compare the leading UK networks and retailers so that you can save a tonne of money on your next contract and handset. Use our comparison tools to view a range of devices before you jump into your next mobile phone purchase. Whether you’re the type of user to eats through their mobile phone data like no tomorrow, or you need to make regular International calls, there will always be a device and network to suit your individual needs and preferences.

Advantages It’s generally simple to use, extremely customisable and access to the wide variety of apps, game titles and entertainment available from the Google Play store. There is also plenty of Android devices to choose from whatever your budget.
Cons In the past, Android has been slightly more susceptible to assault than Apple handsets. That’s starting to change now, though – Yahoo is adding more focus on vetting programs in the iphone app store and patching security holes before they’re released on the Yahoo Play store. Sometimes the maker and network specialist can be poor release a Android posts to users.